Prancha Starboard 159 / Resultado do 1º Teste


This is the first test of the F 159 in 6 to 12 knots :

Up wind : The board give you more power on the rail, so you keep the planing a little more than the F158. The board keep the angle beter also in the hull. The board hit less the waves, so is more easy to increase your up wind angle.

Downwind : Same as up wind, the board hit less the waves so you can go realy deep with more confort.

The result against the F 158 is clear, the performances up wind and downwind are really higher.

Sundenly a rain of 5 minutes come with gust at 20 knots and it was more easy to control the board even with 12m² on up wind and down wind. The board don't hit the waves and glide a lot more and increase the speed and angle.

Teste: Remi Vila (Martinica)
Marcello Morrone