Regras para Campeonatos em 2006

                    2006  Championship Rules

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2006 Championship Rules
Titles ,weight divisions, and GPS

The 2006 Championship Rules are published - essentially the same as 2005 but with agm approved ammendments regarding weight divisions, the controlled use of GPS, and the addition of Masters World Title.

The most talked about change , judging from the Starboard Forum , seems the addition of weight divisions for men . The experiment with weight divisions in 2005 was received favourably by the majority, although there were still dissenting voices concerned that confusion over titles and champions may be caused .

World Titles
As an ISAF International Windsurfing Class, the Formula Class can organise 4 ISAF approved ' world' championships - each offering a World Title. For 2006 in addition to the FORMULA World Championship , the titled events shall be -FORMULA WOMEN , FORMULA YOUTH and FORMULA MASTER. The venue for the 2006 Formula and Formula Women Worlds will be announced shortly ; Youth and Masters World Championships will be held in Belgium at the end of July.

Weight Division
It has been decided to peg the division between light and heavy at 75 kg - rather than continueing with a 'band width' as experimeted with in 2005. Division prizes will be made at Class World and Continental Championships .National associations will be able to decide for themselves what divisions they reward. Details regarding how weight divisions are to be managed at events will be published in due course

The use of GPS is also a hot topic at the moment ! Without doubt the presentation of races on the screen in the club house after racing stirred a lot of interest . Much work yet needs to be done to maximise the potential benefit to windsurf racing . Permitting the 'controlled' use of GPS , within our championshp rules, is the first step. Expect regular updates , particularly from Devon and Ian ; and soon details will be publshed of how GPS use will managed at Championship regattas .

Exciting times ahead .....
Formula racers havea lot to look forward to during 2006 .Talks are under way with event organisers to establish a 'World Tour' ; some improvements to the World Ranking Scheme are under way ; and one leading windsurf brand is willing to sponsor the development of the light weight division! Keep following your favourite website for developments -and keep sending in the details of your national events to be included in the 2006 Ranking Calendar.

9th January '06