New Olimpic Board : Neil Pryde RS-X hybrid



Neil Pryde RS-X hybrid - received unanimous support of the ISAF Executive Committee as the new Olympic board...
Info from the ISAF website

"In respect of the selection of the windsurfing equipment, over the past 18 months, ISAF has held a series of evaluation trials to identify the equipment for the 2008 Olympic Games, which will also revitalize windsurfing. The ISAF Evaluation Team has already presented their equipment recommendation to the ISAF Council, along with a proposed new competition format to include fleet racing and slalom. The equipment proposed is the Neil Pryde RS-X, using:
- 2 sails, with maximum areas of 9.5m and 8.5m (men) and 8.5m and 8.0m (women),
- 2 fins, one maximum depth 65cm and the other shorter for slalom racing.
Two sail areas have been specified to allow for slalom racing and for racing from 5-30 knots.

Yesterday (6th of November), the Evaluation Team’s recommendation received the unanimous support of the ISAF Executive Committee."

7th November '04