Campeonato Mundial de Formula  2003

                           Dranske-Alemanha  -  01 a 05/ Outubro


                      Resultado  Final :         Men  /  Women 


                         Dia  5  -  Domingo ( 05/10/03)    FINAL


Steve Allen  AUS-0  e Christine Johnston  GBR-93

                      NOVOS  CAMPE’ES DO MUNDO  /  2003

Steve Allen (Neil Pryde, Fanatic) dominated the light wind & tactical racing conditions of Rugen Germany, to become the new Formula Windsurfing World Champion!! Steve was closely followed by Antoine Albeau (Neil Pryde, AHD) & Wojtek Brzozowski (Neil Pryde, Starboard) giving Neil Pryde a clean sweep on the World Championship podium!!

A total of 6 races were completed in the FW World Championships. Light, shifty wind conditions & a total of 92 men on the start line made for very tactical & interesting races. Steve Allen (Neil Pryde, Fanatic) revelled in these, some of his favourite conditions, and won the 1st, 3rd & 4th races. One discard & a 4th place put Steve in an unbeatable position by the end of the event.

                          Winners point of view

Steve Allen (SCANDLINES Formula Windsurfing World Champion 2003):

The SCANDLINES FW Worlds couldnít have gone better for me. Arriving here has been nice conditions for me. I have raced a lot in these conditions and I feel good in shifty winds. It wasnít so cold as I thought it would be and we had good wind. We had three days with good racing and two days with not so much wind. We had enough time to rest and the organization was just perfect. It has been my focus the whole year to win this title and the Windsurfing Euro-Cup. After missing the Euro-Cup victory the FW World title became my main goal. I focussed hard and went to Sylt just to prepare for this one. My preparation turned out to be good. I got some new nice gear, tuned up and finally found my speed. Maybe there are a couple of guys here and there who might be faster maybe here and there in special conditions. But I have a very good angle and I felt perfect. I am incredibly stoked for this week here in the village Dranske on Ruegen and I couldnít be more happy. After prize giving I will rush home to my wife and maybe running her to the hospital to give birth to a new child. It has been a really perfect week for me.

Christine Johnston (SCANDLINES Formula Windsurfing World Champion 2003):

This is the best day of my life! I am so happy! I have won the SCANDLINES FW Worlds! I have ever dreamed of getting World Champion. I had a strong kick off for the event but then I was struggling to keep Lucy and Dorota behind me. Karin was also very strong. We had the biggest FW women fleet ever here in Dranske on Ruegen and it is good for the sport that we have proven that Dorota is not unbeatable. This gives us the hope for exciting fights among the girls in the future. I never expected such a good event after so much difficulties and delays in the preparations for this years Worlds.

Antoine Albeau (2nd Place SCANDLINES FW World Championships 2003):

Whow, what a World Championship here in Ruegen island! Again I missed the main goal to win the title. But the level is incredible high and I am very satisfied with my 2nd place. I hoped for some stronger wind. In the lighter winds I cannot present my best performance. The event itself was amazing. Out of nothing the organizers created a perfect event. The people are so enthusiastic, you cannot believe. I am looking forward to return in the future!



Lucy Horwood (2nd Place SCANDLINES FW World Championships 2003):

The event has been really good for me here at the SCANDLINES FW Worlds. The people here in Germany have really done a great job in organizing it only within three weeks. It was a shame we didnít have more racing. I am quite pleased being second. Next year I will come back and win!





Wojtek Brzozowski (3rd Place SCANDLINES FW World Championships 2003):

The organizers have done a great job here in Dranske on Ruegen! Out of nothing you made a good event. I am really congratulating the Mayor, Choppy Water and the people here for this tremendous work! Everything has been really nice here at the SCANDLINES FW Worlds. Although some of the conditions were not my favourite. But I managed to get third. So I am very happy with my result. So thank you very much and more events like that! I am looking forward to return to Germany next year with hopefully the same great standard of organization.

Devon Boulon (4th Place SCANDLINES FW World Championships 2003 and winner of the Espoir (U-22) division):

For me the SCANDLINES FW Worlds went just perfect! I got fourth and I am so happy. After struggling a little bit the whole season I finally found my speed! I won the Espoir (U-22) category. I am so stoked! The organization was one of the best I have ever experienced. It is incredible how such a setup can be established with only three weeks preparation time. I hope that we will be able to return next year for a Windsurfing Euro-Cup because the venue is really perfect for racing.

Ceri Williams (President of the IWA and Chairman of the IFWC):

The SCANDLINES Formula Windsurfing World Championships 2003 have been a good event. We are looking forward to return to Draske on Ruegen in the future. The organization was perfect and especially if you take in consideration the short preparation period it was an unbelievable job. Congratiolation to the Mayor of Dranske and the Choppy Water organization. I think it has been a great result for Steve. Obviously he has been working hard for this event. Good conditions for him: Tactical Racing. And of course I am personally proud for the UK with two Brits on the top of the podium in the women fleet. So also congratulation to Christine and Lucy.

6th October '03