IFCA  World Championships  2003


             Campeão :  Kevin Pritchard ( USA )

The final day of the 2003 Almanarre IFCA World Championships took place with steady breezes dominating the region. With one race left to go in the championship, riders took the water to set the score. The title was up for grabs with Antoine Albeau, Wotjek Brzozoski, and Kevin Pritchard all in the running in the chase for the title.                       

With the upwind course set, and 13 knots, the gun went off and it was a dash to the top mark. Pritchard set the stage with great start and tacking directly on the layline and rounded the top mark in first. Antoine was hot on his heals and closing in the gap. As Pritchard went to round the bottom mark his harness came unstuck and nearly sent him in the water. With no harness, Pritchard scrambled to get the harness back together while Wotjek and Antoine caught up. One more upwind and it was all over. Pritchard regained his harness and put a battle back on the upwind. Wotjek was flying upwind to catch Antoine and Pritchard and win the race. With Wotjek winning, this put enough points between Pritchard and Albeau for Pritchard to take the title.

"It was a great race until the end. Albeau was pushing hard to take it but in the end it was a great day. I had a little bad luck with my harness coming unstuck but other than that not too bad. My slalom speed was great throughout the week and I couldn't have done it without help from my sponsors Starboard, Gaastra, Camaro, The Team, and Kaenon." said Kevin Pritchard.

22nd October '03