Windsurfing  Euro-Cup  Tour 2005

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Windsurfing Euro-Cup Tour 2005 presented
London / Gent / Kiel, March 17th 2005.

Today the Windsurfing Office has presented the calendar of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup 2005. This season the tour of the most important racing and slalom series will consist out of five events. The events are organized in close co-operation between the Windsurfing Office, the International Windsurfing Association (IWA), the International Formula Windsurfing Class (IFWC) and the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA). The total prize money of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup 2005 sums up to 100.000,00 EUR.

The kick-off event of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup 2005 takes place in Portimão/Algarve (Portugal) from May 4th to 8th. It is the first time for Portimão to host a Windsurfing Euro-Cup regatta. The experienced organization team of Clube Overpower who have already organized several Euro-Cups and other international events will ensure a perfect event. The regatta has both disciplines Racing and Slalom and a prize money of 20.000,00 EUR.

The second event of the EC tour will be the IFWC Formula Windsurfing European Championships in Ialisos/Rhodes (Greece) from June 5th to 12th.
Rhodes is famous for its spectacular conditions for the discipline Racing and has already hosted several international regattas. As official IFWC championship the event will be a one discipline Racing event with a prize money of 20.000,00 EUR.

The next stop will be the IFCA Slalom European Championships in Cesme/Alacati (Turkey). The organization team has already proven their experience with several successful major events. Slalom is booming in Turkey and the locals are looking forward to test their skills with the pros. The event is a one discipline Slalom regatta and has a total prize money of 15.000,00 EUR.

The next event of the EC tour 2005 will take place in a unique venue from August 12th to 17th: Silvaplana/St. Moritz (Switzerland) is located in the middle of the Alps at a height of over 1.800 metres above the sea level.
Windsurfing on the Lake Silvaplana embraced with high mountains often covered with snow is an experience that competitors will never forget. The Euro-Cup Silvaplana will have both disciplines Racing and Slalom and a total prize money of 20.000,00 EUR

For the final event of the 2005 tour the Windsurfing Euro-Cup will return to Portugal. The Windsurfing Euro-Cup Oeiras will take place from August 25th to 28th close to the Portuguese capital Lisbon. The epic coastline at the mouth of the river Tejo provides a great venue for the top racers. Again Clube Overpower will ensure a perfect event with a prize money of 25.000,00 EUR.

The Windsurfing Office and the involved classes are happy and proud that it has been possible to achieve this well co-ordinated calendar. All top windsurfers and major brands are expected to participate in the events of the Euro-Cup tour 2005.

Windsurfing Euro-Cup Tour Calendar 2005



Ceri Williams, Chairman of the IFWC: “The 2005 calendar represents a long and successful partnership between Euro-Cup and IFWC, with a series of high quality events that strengthen the European base of Formula Windsurfing. EC racing events form part of the World Championship qualification system and the new Formula World Ranking. “

Bruno De Wannemaeker, Chairman of the IFCA: “IFCA is thrilled with the return of the most dynamic windsurfing discipline Slalom on international level. After the fantastic slalom finals in Hyeres on the World Championship
2003 IFCA is convinced that we found (again) the roots of our sports. Last year the wind in Portugal and the political problems in Taiwan disturbed the evolution but for 2005 the focus is on again! The numerous countries organising successful slalom events and the Euro-Cup slalom events are the base for the IFCA European Championships in Slalom Paradise Alacati-Turkey.”

Matthias Regber, Director of the Windsurfing Office: “I am happy and proud that we have been able to achieve such a great tour for the windsurfing sport. This success was only possible due to the close co-operation with the IWA and the involved classes and the strong base of local organizers. The Euro-Cup confirms its role as most important racing and slalom series in the World and will be a great attraction for all the top windsurfers. At the same time it is a chance for the national heroes to compete with the international professionals on the same level.”

18th March '05