Windwing 2004 Formula Racing Team

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HOOD RIVER, OR: WINDWING and GULFTECH are pleased to announce the formation of their 2004 Formula Racing Team.

The 2003 racing season for Windwing is a tough act to follow. It was a year where WINDWING sails, combined with GULFTECH masts and booms, WON the US National Championship, WON the "Under 22" World Championship, and upset the world by finishing 4th in the top division at the Formula World Championships. WINDWING and GULFTECH had the highest finish of any US sail brand, and Devon Boulon USV111, had the highest placing of any US sailor in Formula Racing. His 2003 WINDWING 12.5 sail was nicknamed "The Terminator" because it was deemed unbeatable in light wind (even by top riders from competing brands), while the GULFTECH Formula carbon race boom and race masts performed at a level of excellence and durability that no other company has been able to match.

That was then. This year, we've raised the bar even higher. For 2004, WINDWING sails use EXCLUSIVE Gulftech carbon pre-preg tapered battens, as well as WINDWING D2T and 3Dtwist concepts not found on any other sail. The new WINDWING Formula sails will benefit from the addition of a super-wide luff sleeve for increased performance, but unlike any other brand, WINDWING has incorporated a new (patent applied for) technology that expands the potential of this type of sail. Only WINDWING has it.

During recent intensive R&D prototyping and side-by-side testing this fall, the WINDWING race team, working with designer Bill Hansen, was able to greatly improve on the high benchmark set by the 2003 sails. The end result is a line of race sails for 2004 that we believe to be the fastest in the world. Joining 20-year old Devon in this gigantic R&D achievement -- and for the coming racing season -- are GO board shaper and veteran racer Jamie Lever (GBR-5) of Great Britain and 21-year old Dutch/European Champion Roy van Koolwijk (NED-97 of Holland. This "TEAM" is powered by WINDWING, GULFTECH, and an uncommon dedication and desire to be and produce the best.