Euro Cup  2004


                                                        CALENDÁRIO  (TOUR)

In the season 2003 the Windsurfing Euro-Cup continued its success as the most important racing series of the World. Now the calendar for 2004 is published and presents a new exciting tour with well approved traditional events and exciting new venues.

Like in 2003 the kick off for the season will take place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The Windsurfing Euro-Cup will visit the island of Porto Santo in the Madeira Archipelago. The opening event of the 2004 season will take place from April 14th to 18th at Easter time. It will not only be the first chance to score points for the annual ranking list but also a perfect training event to test, tune and prepare for the coming season and the various national competitions.

From Porto Santo the Euro-Cup will continue to the sunny south of Sardinia from May 27th to 30th. Cagliari is a stop of the EC tour since the beginning and the last weekend of May is the traditional slot for this event. The bay of Cagliari provides perfect conditions for the sport. The crystal clear water and fabulous sunshine are a perfect base for nice photo shootings and the incredible atmosphere makes the trip a must for the party maniacs among the cuppers.

The third stop is a new venue. The EC series will visit Croatia from June 9th to 13th. Brac on the island Bol is one of the most exquisite places in Croatia. And windsurfing is a new and fresh sport in this area. It will be an exciting trip for many racers to visit the eastern side of the Adriatic sea to explore the beautiful coast and beaches.

After Croatia the EC will visit Greece for two events directly after each other. The start of the Greek adventure will be in the legendary city of Marathon near Athens from June 19th to 22nd. The Karivi Beach Station is a perfect venue for big water sports events like the Windsurfing Euro-Cup. It is close to the rowing center of the Olympic Games which will take place a few weeks later. So this is also a chance for the competitors to breathe a little bit of the Olympic spirit.

From the Greek mainland it is just a short ferry trip to Paros where the second stop of the Greek adventure will take place from June 24th to 27th. The EC Paros has been the final of the EC tour 2003 and provides perfect conditions. The special magic of the island always catches the visitors and makes them return.

In the beginning of July the EC makes a jump to the north to the beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea. Miedzyzdroje is a part of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup tour since its first season. Windsurfing is one of the most popular sports in Poland and the media interest as well as the crowds at the beach are amazing. Traditionally the event is equipped with one of the highest prize money amounts of the tour. From July 7th to July 11th the best racers of the World will visit the exquisite Polish town close to the German border.

Then the EC jumps over to the North Sea for the EC Westerland/Sylt from July 28th to August 1st. Westerland on the island Sylt is one of the most famous places in Germany. Several rich, famous and important people have chosen this venue as a holiday resort. The regattas on Sylt are some of the most attractive events in the Windsurfing World. The combination of the unique venue with attractive sport, lifestyle and the fabulous parties makes them a must for the competitors.

From the North Sea the EC continues its tour to one of the highest windsurfing places in the World. The EC Silvaplana/St. Moritz takes place from August 10th to 14th in about 1.800m above sea level in the middle of the Alps. The thin air and the incredible alpine flair make the event unique. The famous thermical Maloja wind pumps a warm southern breeze over the Lake. Located in the middle of Europe Silvaplana is easy to reach by car for most of the European racers.

Then the Euro-Cup visits the beautiful coast of Estoril near Lisbon from August 19th to 22nd. Since two years Portugal is hosting the events and the Atlantic Ocean close to the most western point of continental Europe is an interesting challenge for the racers.

For the final the Euro-Cup returns to the north. The small town of Dranske on the island Ruegen has already proven that it is perfectly capable to host top windsurfing events. The FW World Championships 2003 took place in this venue. From August 25th to 29th the best racers of the World will return again for the Windsurfing Euro-Cup.

You can download the Windsurfing Euro-Cup Tour Calendar 2004 here. Check the official website for the actual version and the latest news.

Date Event / Venue Status

April 14th – April 18th EC Porto Santo / Madeira (Portugal) TBC
May 27th – May 30th EC Cagliari / Sardinia (Italy) TBC
June 9th – June 13th EC Croatia TBC
June 19th – June 22nd EC Athens / Karavi Beach (Greece) TBC
June 24th – June 27th EC Paros / New Golden Beach (Greece) TBC
July 7th – July 11th EC Miedzyzdroje (Poland) TBC
July 28th – August 1st EC & Int. German Championships Westerland / Sylt (Germany) TBC
August 10th – August 14th EC Silvaplana / St. Moritz (Switzerland) TBC
August 19th – August 22nd EC Lisbon / Estoril Coast (Portugal) TBC
August 25th – August 29th EC Dranske/Ruegen (Germany) TBC

Attention! All dates are provisional. Significant changes may occur. Additional events may be added. Events can drop out or be moved to other slots. The
actual calendar can be downloaded from the official Euro-Cup website . Please contact the Windsurfing Office for further details.

16th December '03