Windsurfing Euro-Cup Sanctioned by IFWC and IFCA
                            DIA  1  ( 26/04/03 - Sábado )

Windsurfing Euro-Cup sanctioned by IFWC and IFCA
Continental Racing and Slalom Tour launched

The International Funboard Class Association (IFCA), the International Formula Windsurfing Class (IFWC) and the Choppy Water Event Management GmbH are pleased to announce that a Sanctioning Contract has been signed which selects the Windsurfing Euro-Cup as exclusive continental series for the disciplines Racing (Formula Windsurfing) and Slalom (IFCA).

Since its founding in the year 2001 the Windsurfing Euro-Cup is the most important competition series in Europe. For three years it has been a one discipline Racing (Formula Windsurfing) series. Now in its 4th year of existence, the Euro-Cup circuit is not only a major draw for racers wishing to compete at the highest level in the Formula Windsurfing Class. The Windsurfing Euro Cup will also bring back the most spectacular and exciting speed orientated discipline - Slalom. Altogether the Euro-Cup tour 2004 consists of nine events. Eight of them have Racing. Five of them have Slalom. The total prize money level of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup 2004 sums up to EUR 175.000,- making the series the most important platform for Racing and Slalom.

On reaching this agreement, Ceri Williams, Chairman of the FW Class said “The Euro-Cup circuit is great and is providing a wonderful service to the sailors. We are really pleased to say that we will be working even closer together in the future!”

Bruno de Wannamaeker, Chairman of the Funboard Class, said “Having Choppy Water on board with us is really good news for the class. The Euro-Cup Slalom Tour will help to promote slalom racing nationally and be a big factor in driving participation in the IFCA Slalom Worlds planned for Taiwan from September 6th >11th. The class is returning to its high wind racing roots so the Euro-Cup Slalom Tour combined with the planned Grand Prix Tour already announced will make 2004 an all action, high speed, adrenalin packed blast!”

Matthias Regber, director of Choppy Water (Windsurfing Euro-Cup) added, “To add the discipline slalom to the Euro-Cup Tour is great news! Slalom has always been the purest form of Windsurfing. Now we are able to bring it back to the focus of the Windsurfing World. We are working hard to ensure that the logistics of the tour are convenient for the racers. At some events, Slalom will be combined with Formula racing too at others, we plan stand-alone slalom racing. I am sure that this will prove a successful concept and provide great competitions for the riders, good exposure for the industry and ensure that our local organisers will want even more action in 2005. I am sure that this agreement will strengthen the bonds between Choppy Water Event Management GmbH and the Classes and the IWA. Together we have established a base for the positive future development of Racing and Slalom. Our aim is to provide a strong Euro-Cup Tour on which competitors can train and develop their skills as well as providing great exposure for their sponsors.”

Finally, both Bruno, Ceri and Matthias emphasised the point that this tour is designed to support the PWA World Cup and Grand Slam events by giving opportunities to new young ‘guns’ to develop their skills and experience as well as giving the event managers opportunities to build strong relationships with their local sponsors and the media so that their events provide real value for money for all involved.

3rd March '04