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Windsurfing Euro-Cup 2003

Annual Ranking after 4 events:

- 4 events, 33 races, 150 competitors! -
- Steve Allen wins back the lead! -
- Fanatic in front of Starboard by tie break rules! -
- Neil Pryde continues its domination! –

The Windsurfing Euro-Cup continues its success also in the season 2003! The most important racing series of the World had already 4 great events in this season. The kick-off event took place in Porto Santo / Madeira (Portugal) in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. From there the tour continued to Malcesine / Lake Garda (Italy) which is one of the home bases of racing. After that the racers were welcomed by the hot Mediterranean sun of Cagliari / Sardinia (Italy) to continue to Cascais /Lisbon (Portugal) for some more races on the Atlantic Ocean. A total of 33 spectacular races have been sailed already in a big variety of conditions and 150 different competitors can be found in the Annual Ranking List already.

Steve Allen (AUS-0, Fanatic, Neil Pryde) has been able to win back the lead with a victory at the Euro-Cup in Cascais. The Euro-Cup Champion of 2002 has finally found his usual form after a disappointing 7th place at the EC Cagliari. The Australian Fanatic rider has a total of 355 points which gives him a small 2-point-lead in front of the Polish hotshot Michal Polanowski (POL-16, Starboard, Neil Pryde) with 353 points. The young Starboard rider was second at the last two Euro-Cups and stresses his ambitions to enter the circle of the top racers of the World. On the third place we find the “Italian Stallion” Andrea Cucchi (ITA-1, Starboard, Neil Pryde). The Italian Racing Champion has presented a brilliant performance at his home spots Lake Garda and on Sardinia which granted him the lead in the Windsurfing Euro-Cup after three events. But in Cascais he was a little bit unlucky and finished only on the 7th position. With 352 points the Starboard rider is only one point behind Michal Polanowski but has managed to build up a small distance to the “Dutch Fanatic double pack” Ben van der Steen (NED-57, Fanatic, Neil Pryde) who is on the fourth position with 346 points and “Wild Animal”Pieter Bijl (NED-0, Fanatic, Neil Pryde, 344 points) only two points behind.

Alex Grynis (POL-86, Starboard, Neil Pryde) has become stronger and stronger in the last months and was finally able to confirm his talent with strong performance at the last events where he scored two times a 5th place. He is hoping for the second discard to be able to attack the riders at the very top of the ranking list. At the moment he is on the 6th place of the Annual Ranking List with 338 points. Only two points behind on position 7 is “Danish Dynamite” Brian Rögild (DEN-173, Starboard, Gaastra). The fast Viking has presented a consistent performance in the events so far which ensures his save position as a top-10 rider. On the 8th place we find one of the biggest surprises of the year: The Italian youngster Alberto Menegatti (ITA-456, Starboard, YES Sails, 335 points) is following the Windsurfing Euro-Cup tour for the first year but he is already one of the guys with ambitions for a victory in an event and getting stronger from regatta to regatta which increases the pressure on the top racers. Again only one point behind we can find another Youngster: Devon Boulon (ISV-1, F2, Windwing, 334 points) is the new baby of the F2 racing team and is also installing himself in the top. The pack of youngsters and the top-10 is finally closed by the Fanatic-kid Roy van Koolwijk (NED-97, Fanatic, Neil Pryde) with 329 points.

Annual Ranking List after 4 events (Cascais)
1. Steve Allen (AUS-0, Fanatic, Neil Pryde) 355 points
2. Michal Polanowski (POL-16, Starboard, Neil Pryde) 353 points
3. Andrea Cucchi (ITA-1, Starboard, Neil Pryde) 352 points
4. Ben van der Steen (NED-57, Fanatic, Neil Pryde) 346 points
5. Pieter Bijl (NED-0, Fanatic, Neil Pryde) 344 points
6. Aleksander Grynis (POL-86, Starboard, Neil Pryde) 338 points
7. Brian Rögild (DEN-173, Starboard, Gaastra) 336 points
8. Alberto Menegatti (ITA-456, Starboard, YES Sails) 335 points
9. Devon Boulon (ISV-1, F2, Windwing) 334 points
10. Roy van Koolwijk (NED-97, Fanatic, Neil Pryde) 329 points
the complete ranking list can be downloaded from the official website .

The Manufacturers Rankings are getting more and more important for the windsurfing brands. As only production boards are competing in the series the results are a direct indicator for the performance of a manufacturer and a valuable help for the decisions of the customers. Already 11 board manufacturers and 16 sail brands have joined the challenge and can be found on the list.

In the Boards Ranking we can enjoy an exciting head to head fight of Fanatic and Starboard. Starboard benefits from its strength in the past and has the biggest base of competitors. Fanatic has put big investments into the racing scene which are paying of now. They have developed a very competitive board and build up a strong team. Fanatic started with a victory in Porto Santo but lost the lead to Starboard who won in Malcesine and Cagliari. Now Fanatic has been able to score a bullet at the last event in “their backyard” Cascais in Portugal where they do all their development. Both manufacturers have 359 points and only by the tie break rules Fanatic is able to win back the lead. So the situation can’t be more fascinating after four events! F2 has managed to install themselves on the third position with a new board and some investments in strong team racers with a total of 354 points. AHD (351 points) has to face a significant lack of strong racers using their boards just like Exocet (348 points) which gives this manufacturers the positions four and five in the Boards Manufacturers ranking.

Manufacturers Ranking Boards after 4 events (Cascais)
1. Fanatic 359 points
2. Starboard 359 points
3. F2 354 points
4. AHD 351 points
5. Exocet 348 points
the complete ranking list can be downloaded from the official website .

The Manufacturers Ranking – Sails is completely dominated by Neil Pryde. They have been able to win all of the four Windsurfing Euro-Cups so far and lead the list with the maximum of 360 points. Neil Pryde has the biggest base of competitors and many of the top racers use their sails. At the moment 7 out of the top-10 racers are powered by Neil Pryde sails. Gaastra can be found in the second place with 357 points and a solid performance but always clearly behind the leader Neil Pryde. Although the sails seem to be very competitive Gaastra suffers from a serious lack of top racers representing their sails in the competition. YES Sails has learned its lesson very well and has developed into one of the top brands in the racing business with 354 points. North Sails (350 points) and Gun Sails (347 points) still have to work on their team structure in order to ensure that enough strong racers can bring their brand in top positions at more Euro-Cups.

Manufacturers Ranking Sails after 4 events (Cascais)
1. Neil Pryde 360 points
2. Gaastra 357 points
3. YES Sails 354 points
4. North Sails 350 points
5. Gun Sails 347 points
the complete ranking list can be downloaded from the official website .

The next Windsurfing Euro-Cup will take place in Westerland / Sylt (Germany) from July 3rd to 6th. Then the best racers of the World will be welcomed by the choppy conditions of the North Sea and thousands of spectators. The German people are famous for their enthusiasm for windsurfing and the events are some of the biggest ever. The party program is another highlight that will await the racers which might on the other side make the concentration on the pure sport even harder for them. We are looking forward to the beginning of July for some more great windsurfing action!


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