Moussilmani  Cyril   FRA- 71


Weight: 86
Born: 22 December 1979
Sail number: Fra-71
Sponsors: AHD - Simmer Sails - - deboichet - Mormaii

Hi everybody,
My name is Cyril Moussilmani, Fra-71. I live in Marseille, in south of France. I have two twin brothers. We all took part in windsurfing competitions around the world and we made a web site, where are some pictures and videos. It's made by ourselves.

I spend all my year on testing and training in Formula Windsurfing, wave, freestyle and slalom.

I work with Simmer Sails, where I have tested some sails for production, and I work with AHD - that's my board.

I love windsurfing because it is one of the complex sports - you can be very fast with slalom board, in Formula think a lot about tuning your stuff and how to have a good race, and have a lot of fun during wave sailing sessions. You can complete this sport, like I do, with other sports like wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing and VTT.

I make some videos and spend some time by the computer.

I also like going to some concerts and do making parties with some friends when it's the end of competition or during my free time.

I would like windsurfing to become more interesting for sponsors and media, so that there is more money for promoting this sport and making competitions.

That is what I hope for the next years.

See you soon on the water or at the beach party.

Cyril FRA-71.

My best results:
2000- French Champion overall "wave, Slalom, Formula"
2000- 14th in overall PWA "wave, Slalom, Formula"
1999- 3rd in speed in Leucate.
2001- 2nd in French Championships.
2002- 2nd in French Championships.
2002- 14th in overall in Euro-cup.

                                                                                                                   31st August '03

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