Michael  Polanowski   Pol- 16


 Michael Polanowski

Born: 08 November 1983
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 81 kg
Sail number: POL 16

Hi I’m Michael Polanowski. I’m 20. I have an older brother Marek. My home town is Ciechocinek, this is a small town in the middle of Poland.

Since my childhood I have been interested in extreme sports. As a ten year old boy I started rollerskating and skateboarding. I always wanted to take a sport as a profession, but it wasn’t it. My parents wanted me to play tennis but for luck I was too old. Two years later I tried motocross and at the first moment I fell in love with it. From the beginning trained a lot, I even built the course for ridding. When I was 15 I was planning to take part in motocross racing. But my parents changed my plans and sent me to Leba windsurfing camp.
From the beginning I loved it. I enjoyed so much that when my group had break I was still on the water. After 2 weeks training on lake in Leba I was already planning and using both straps.
And a month later, took part in Polish Youth Championships. Since this time windsurfing become for me not just a sport but also a life style.

I am using STARBOARD and I do not want to change it. I like new ideas which create new trends in windsurfing.
I use DEBOICHET custom fins, that is why I can choose the perfect model and stiffness for me.
Last year I started my studies on WSPiZ, name Leon Kozminski in Worsow. Knowladge which I got there helped me in my life.


Formula Windsurfing Youth World Champion 2001
1st Polish FWC Cup 2002
6th PWA racing overall 2002
8th FWC Worlds Sylt 2002
1st espoir cat. FWC Worlds Sylt 2002
1st Caraibean Championship Martinique 2003
2nd Euro Cup Sardinia 2003
2nd Euro Cup Portugal 2003
4th Euro Cup overall 2003

                                         2nd October '03


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