ENTREVISTA  :   Jacques Deboichet 

Jacques Deboichet - legendary fin designer

1. So what are you doing in Poland?
It's my first holiday. First time in Poland. For me it's my holiday actually.

2. And you like it here?
Yes for sure.

3. Any negative points?
Ah, maybe the beach is little bit too full. Not enough wind maybe.

4. Do you find Leba a good event spot?
Yes I think so. There many people, no? So I think it's a good spot to make events. You see beach volley, 3 weeks ago kite-boarding. A lot of people see what is windsurfing. It's maybe not very good for sailors, they don't like so many people on the beach and it's hard to go on the water with the board. But for windsurfing is very good.

5. What do you think of windsurfing in Poland?
If I go back 20 years in Europe (France and Germany for example) there was a big boom. And I think it's exactly the same right now in Poland.

6. How do you judge formula windsurfing?
Yeah, I think it's very good. There are many places with water, not strong winds. We have some good places in the world but you have a much better place. Eh, light winds, if it's real formula, to make competitions maybe not but for the light wind equipment.

7. What about the development of fins?
Ah, that depends on the industry of windsurfing. So it depends on the board, and everything, the board makers.

8. Do you think they will change for formula?
We can make a lot of developments. Same with the board. We have some rules to follow. And then we can play with the new shape of the board so the fins, we don't invent the fins. The fins follow the board and not the other way around.

9. What are your personal goals?
To develop different products and fins and maybe one day formula boards. I had 20 years experience before I made fins I made boards.

10. Any wishes for windsurfing?
Poland can push on other countries to come back to windsurfing. Like I see how it is now in Poland is what was 20 years ago in Europe. And I think France and Germany was 70% of the world market and now I don't know, but over time, less. Actually what I like is more people trying windsurfing. I think now the material is very good quality. You see the startboard is much easier for beginners. More interest in windsurfing is pushing the people. There's a lot of media involved.

11. Is there any advice for young competitors?
Be more serious. Have more professionalism.

4th August '03