Calema Midwinters Windsurfing Festival

                      Flórida/USA - Março/2004

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               07/Março (Domingo)  /  DIA  03   (Final Day)

Calema Midwinters 2004
Winner's report

by Steve Allen

Day 1

Race 1, About 8-12 knots, I went for a port tack start but played it a little too safe and Wojtek got a perfect port tack start and was gone. I managed to round in 2nd and we then pulled out a good lead until we went to the wrong upwind mark on the second lap giving us 400m extra sailing so we were then out of the top ten. But then many guys sailed through the starting line on the second upwind which was not allowed so they were disqualified. So all I know is that Gonzalo ARG-3 ended up winning this race. I didn’t get to see the results after guys were disqualified as I could have moved up a little at least one as Wojtek sailed through the start line in front of me.

Race 2, About 8-10 knots and shifty, the line was really port favored so many guys came to start on port tack making it really difficult to get a good start in this light wind. I could not get off the line clean leaving me in around 20th on the top mark. I had an excellent down wind catching up to top ten, then on the second up wind I also took another few guys to get into 4th position while in the lead Ross Williams GBR-83 had excellent last down wind leg taking Wojtek POL-10 to wind the race with Kevin USA-3 in 3rd.

Race 3, 15 knots odd, Today I really left my brain on the beach, after having a clean start and leading the first lap with Wojtek in 2nd I forgot again about the shorter upwind mark for the second lap as it was just so short for a second upwind. This time I didn’t go all the way to the other mark and managed to reach back down wind to round in 2nd behind Wojtek and with the last short down wind and giving so much of a lead from my mistake there was no chance to catch him before the finish, leaving me in 2nd with Phil AUS-7 finishing 3rd.

Race 4, 15-20 knots I was determined not to make any more mistakes, I had another clean start although when I tacked Gonzalo tacked on top of me and was going fast but not enough upwind so I had to let him past then get out of his dirty water to start pointing much higher and good again so I lost a little there but still managed to round the top mark in 4th position close behind Micah USA-34 in 1st Andrea ITA-1 in 2nd Phil 3rd with Wojtek 5th behind me. I then managed to pass Phil on the first reach, then Andrea on the first down wind jibe and on the 2nd up wind I managed to point higher than Micah to tack at the same time for the top mark putting me into the lead that I extended to the finished after Micah fell on his jibe on the down wind letting Wojtek through to take 2nd with Andrea 3rd.

2nd Day

Race 5, I finally got my head together and minimized my mistakes to take the win in this race with Gonzalo in 2nd.

Race 6, I tacked a little too early for the windward hoping for the lift but missing the wind shift and also having a close call with Wojtek as he thought he should have right of way on Port tack when I was coming on starboard tack trying to lay the top mark and when he realized he would not make it in front of me he had to stop making him so upset that later in the race he tried to crash with me when I was coming down wind and he was going upwind by veering down wind hugely calling starboard. Friends that saw this could not believe it. Anyway on that first upwind I had to double tack the top mark rounding in around 5th position and Gonzalo got the lift from the inside rounding in a comfortable 1st place. I fought my way back to finish in 2nd behind Gonzalo.

3rd and last day

Race 7, I had to just stay close to Wojtek to win the event so I was playing it a little safe and Wojtek and Kevin had incredible starts really pushing the line hard on Port tack and took an excellent lift to the inside. I was sailing very fast off the line on Port tack also but I missed this lift and there was no chance to catch Wojtek and Kevin back in this very light wind race leaving me in 3rd place behind Wojtek.

In this race it was a shame for Gonzalo and Andrea who crashed into each other on the start taking themselves out of contention for a top 3 finish which was very possible for them, as Andrea had to pull out of the event from board damage while Gonzalo could not afford another bad result having 2 DNF that were filling his discards.

Race 8, Kevin had the most incredible start again on port tack so it was Kevin to round the top mark in 1st and me in 2nd although we both had to pump quite hard just to make the mark. I then jibed off on the down wind to follow the gust but then realized the wind had shifted so much that it made the down wind leg very short giving me a large disadvantage having to make 2 extra jibes letting Kevin get away. I managed to close the gap on the last lap to finish within meters of him at the finish for 2nd position and with Wojtek well behind this wrapped up the contest for me even if we had more racing.

After arriving back to the beach they announced the end of racing for the day giving me the win on 11 points with Wojtek in 2nd with 17 points and Ross Williams in 3rd with 23 points.

The Equipment I used in every race, FANATIC TT, NEILPRYDE RS4 10.7, DEBOICHET 70M


Best Regards,

8th March '04


Calema Midwinter - Final Day

by Phil McGain

Day 3.
Winds kicked in today again from the North West about 5-12 knots. The pro's got called out around 12noon for the first race.

Race 7.
The only way to go was to start on port and head into the beach. Kevin, Steve, Wojtek and Ross all headed towards the beach and got around the top mark in the first group. Kevin however was over early, so it was Steve who lead from start to finish, with Wojtek coming in second and Ross in third.

Race 8.
Same story for the next start. Kevin got away clean this time and lead around the top mark. Steve rounded second close behind with Williams, McGain, Boulon and Gonzalo in close pursuit. Kevin held his lead to finish ahead of Allen, Boulon finishing third followed by Gonzalo and McGain.

Dorota won the womens and Chrissy Suits became North American Champion and Kevin Pritchard being men's champion.

Final placings after 8 races and 2 drops.
1. Allen
2. Wojtek
3. Ross,
4. Pritchard.
5. McGain

7th March '04


00:10 First four: Steve, Wojtek,Ross,Kevin..
We are waiting for the official results...
SMS from Florida
22:30 No more races. End of the event.
Race#7: Kevin, Wojtek, Steve, Jamie
Race#8: Kevin, Steve,Jamie,Gonzalo,Wojtek
Wind 7 to 12 knots, very shifty...

                06/Março (Sábado)  /  DIA  02          Resultados / Fotos

Calema Midwinters 2004 - day two
by Phi McGain

South West winds as predicted kicked in today in Florida and racing was due to start at 11am. With the winds peaking around 10am, the start was delayed due to the winds continueing to move offshore and lighten off.

Race 5.
Finally we got started around 11.45am, in 12-18 knot very shifty winds. Allen, Gonzalo rounded the weather mark well ahead of the pack after starting on port and heading straight into the beach for the left hand lift. Diaz and Williams also were well up there as well after heading into shore early and picking up the same lift. Allen lead from start to finish, with Gonzalo in second,
Diaz third, Williams fourth and Wojtek picking up to fifth.
Race 6.
Now with winds getting lighter and shifting more offshore the majority of the fleet started on port tack. This time Gonzalo lead around the weather mark followed by Allen. Buzianis and McGain rounded in the next group ahead of Williams and Wojtek. Gonzalo held onto lead around the course, Allen finished in second, Buzianis in third, Wojtek in fourth and McGain rounding out the top 5.

Racing was called off at 3.30pm after the winds switched more offshore and got lighter and gustier.

Unofficial results- subject to protest being held.
1. Allen
2. Wojtek
3. Gonzalo
4. Williams

6th March '04


                   05/Março (Sexta-Feira)  /  DIA  01

[05.03] Calema Midwinters - day one
Provisional results of the first four races:
Race#1: Gonzalo,Kevin,Pieter,Ross,Seth
Race#2: Ross, Wojtek,Kevin, Steve,Seth
Race#3: Wojtek,Steve,?,ITA-5,Kevin
Race#4: Steve,Wojtek,Andrea Cucchi
SMS from Florida - Race#2. Lots of holes in the wind. Wojtek was leading all the way. Last down Ross got a gust and Wojtek's pumping didn't help. Finish - Ross, Wojtek, Kevin!

             05/Março (Sexta-Feira)  /  Registration Day
Calema Midwinters 2004
by Phil McGain

The winds kicked in today for the pre race training day at the North American Formula Championships, Calema Midwinters festival. Winds picked up to 15 knots and everyone got out there for some tuning and training. Allen, Diaz and Bijl, Boulon and lever, Buzianis, McGain, Williams and Pritchard were all looking hungry to get in there last minute preparations in before regatta starts.

With over 200 competitors registered, it looks to be a successful event. The bonaire team of 20 sailors have once again showed up to learn from the pros and enjoy the competition atmosphere.

More reports to follow, looks like 10-15 knots forecast for tomorrow.



[04.03] Midwinters 2004

Phil McGain reports:

The day before registration
Sailors already arriving in Florida for the annual Midwinters festival organized by Tinho Dornellas and his wife Susie.
Wojtek arrived a few days ago, Jaime lever and Devon Boulon were hard at it most of the day today. Gonzalo was fast as usual in the flat water. Ross Williams showed his end of 2003 form while cruising around on the course today.
Pritchard, Pritchard and McGain were busy running there 3 day clinic.
Forecast for the next few days look really good, Friday looking the best.
...stay tuned for more reports.

5th March '04