Australian Formula Nationals 2004

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                        FINAL  ( 23/Janeiro   Sexta-Feira )
2004 International Formula Windsurfing Australian Championships - Final Day
Ateve Allen - 2004 Australian Champion

by Phil MCGain


Allen wins it on a tie breaker from McGain.

Only one race was attempted today in Sydney in extremely light winds and was abandoned 5 minutes into it.

After 8 races and two discards Steve Allen and Phil McGain were locked on points, but after the tie breaker was applied Steve Allen came away with the victory. Steve said, " I'm really pleased to win my home countries Formula title, Phil really pushed me all the way, it's great to see Formula so strong in Australia after not racing here for several years". Jesper Vesterstrom finished strong in third place.

First Women was reigning Champion Anna Davis from Victoria who beat the Mistral specialist Allison Shreeve who recently started to sail Formula.

Sean Obrien headed up the youth division.

Masters was obviously won by Phil McGain with Dave Moorehead from Tasmania in second and Brett Morris in third position.

A great event with the final prizing giving held in the famous Fox Studio's in downtown Sydney.

Special Thanks goes to Brett Morris for organizing the event along side the Australian Windsurfing Association.

                        Dia 03 ( 22/Janeiro   Quinta-Feira )

2004 International Formula Windsurfing Australian Championships - Australia, Sydney... Day three
by Phil McGain

With great sunbaking weather this morning it looked like a day of rest, but the wind gods would not have any of that. At 4pm the predicted Southerly change came through Sydney and turned Botany bay into another racing playground.

Race 6 got underway in a steady 12-20 knots. McGain on this 10.5 got a flying start near the boat, with Allen using his trusty 10.6 close behind and Vesterstrom powered a little further down the line on this 11m. Allen tacked off after getting in McGain's bad wind and turned out to critical as McGain rounded the weather mark well ahead of Vesterstrom with Allen in third in hot pursuit. McGain sailed a solid race to finish well ahead of Allen who eventually picked off Vesterstrom on the downwind.

Race 7. This time Allen got himself in a better position to stay on the favoured side of the course, which he did, but McGain still rounded the first mark ahead and Allen close behind in second and Jesper in third. McGain hang on downwind to lead around the bottom mark and then up to the top mark again. Allen stayed close enough to put his downwind speed into play and passed McGain just before the bottom mark to reach comfortably on the short reach to the finish. Vesterstrom rounded out the top 3.

Race 8. McGain got away clean at the pin end while Vesterstrom who now changed down to his 9.8 and Allen were spread back along the line. Vesterstrom now was finding his fifth gear and was able to lead around the top mark after McGain tacked early to cover Allen and found a nice wind hole just before the weather mark. Allen rounded third behind Jesper Orth and Jesper Vesterstrom with McGain eventually getting around in 4th place.

At the bottom mark Allen had a short lead as McGain caught both Jespers to round second with Vesterstrom close on McGain tail in third. The top 3 competitors battled it out to the upwind mark, this time McGain made another mistake after passing Allen and Vesterstrom on the upwind, had to double tack the top mark. This opened the door for Vesterstrom and Allen to pass ahead of McGain and head back down for the finish. Allen won the race with McGain pulling out all stops to pass Vesterstrom on the downwind.

Allen and McGain now have the same points, with Allen leading after the tie breaker. Last critical day tomorrow to see who will win the Australian title.

Places after 8 races.
1. Allen
2. McGain
3. Vesterstrom
4. Orth.
                        Dia 02 ( 21/Janeiro   Quarta-Feira )

2004 International Formula Windsurfing Australian Championships - Australia, Sydney...
Day two

text: Phil McGain; photos by Gucia Allen

Winds finally picked up to 10- 15 knots at 2.30pm to start race 4. Jesper Vesterstrom got away clean on port tack while Allen and McGain played it safe on Starboard. With the winds light inshore Vesterstrom heading out to sea got more pressure and was able to round the weather mark ahead of Allen with McGain close behind in second and third place.

Allen was able to get past Vesterstrom on the downwind and held the lead to the finish, with Jesper in second and McGain in third.

Race 5. The winds started to pick up but there a storm looming from inland, which made the conditions challenging. The gusts were now up to 18 knots but the holes were down to 8 knots. The fleet got away clean, with the top 3 guys all on port tack heading into fresh breeze. McGain rounded first with Allen close behind in second and Jesper within a stone’s throw in third. Allen once again picked up distance downwind to just get ahead of McGain at the leeward mark. McGain was able to stay in touch with Allen during the upwind rounded just ahead before the run to the finish. McGain staying outside was able to hold a better angle while Allen jibed inshore. As the two sailors approached the bottom mark it was McGain who rounded first and then had a short reach to the finish, Allen got second and Jesper rounded out the top 3.

After 5 races.
1. McGain
2. Allen
3. Vesterstrom.

Lots like a southerly change tomorrow which could mean more challenging racing.
                       Dia 01 ( 20/Janeiro  Terça-Feira )
                                             Today the Australian Championships started in Sydney, Botany Bay...
by Jesper Vesterstorm

The location is a really nice place, its windy, sunny and it is extremely choppy when the wind picks up.

There are about 50 competitors, which is actually a lot in Australia. Formula is about to get bigger here, but far away from what it is in Europe, but that will come.

There are sailors represented from Singapore, Denmark, USA and a lot of Aussie Locals including good “old” Phil McGain.

Today we had 3 races in winds from 12-30 knots, building up in the afternoon.

In the first race Steve and Phil pulled of an awesome port tack start leaving the rest of the fleet behind, they where battle ling throughout the whole race, with Steve overtaking Phil on the last reach winning the race. Jesper Vesterstrom was put behind in 3 rd. position.

2nd Race, again a brilliant start from Phil McGain, Phil was leading all the way with Steve and Jesper pushing from the back. Phil finished 1st and Jesper was close to finish 2nd but stopped to long in the last jibe to get overtaken by Steve who got 2nd and Jesper 3rd.

Last race of the day, the wind really picked up now, gusting more than 30 knots. Jesper had a great start shooting out from the pin end with Steve and Phil behind. The wind was nuking and we where really holding on for our lives… Again Phil McGain took the win, with Steve 2nd and Jesper 3rd .

We had great racing today and afterwards we had a great Aussie Barbeque.

We will bring some pictures from racing tomorrow, today just from the Barbie…

Overall results from open class today top 4

1st Phil McGain – Gaastra/Starboard
2nd Steve Allen- Neil Pryde/Fanatic
3rd Jesper Vesterstrom- Gaastra/Starboard
4th Jesper Orth- Severne Sails/Starboard