Campeonato Nacional da Argentina  2008

   Report por Paulão BRA 3333                Resultados Final
  Final report from Mendoza

Sunday was the last and final day of competition in which we where presented with perfect blue skies and 15-22 knots winds.
Race committee went for 3 races back to back, so most sailors choose 10-11 meters sails not to get overpowered if the wind picked up to much.

On the first race, most sailors went for a starboard pin end star. I started close to Galvan and Paulao, who started just behind me and manage to cover me from the top and with that I risked taking to the other side. Paulao kept covering me and he rounded the top mark in first, I came in second followed by Galvan Mathias and Sergio Mehl.
Paulao kept the lead until the end; I came in second and Sergio Mehl close in third.

Second Race winds picked up and 10.7 was starting to get a bit big. Paulao and I had a battle at the start and he managed to tack ahead and cover me to the upwind mark. Sergio was in third with mathias, galvan and Raul Saubidet all close together.
On the second upwind, Paulao was a few meters ahead of me and tacked, I kept going and risked going to the other side, I lost big ground with this and Paulao took the win, I came in second followed close by Sergio.

The third and final race was the deciding one for the event title, since I had 3 firsts and 2 seconds, and Paulao had 2 firsts and 3 seconds. If he won the last race, we would tie and he would win on the tie break, that here, was however won the last race as apposed to whoever has the best discard. Paulo and I started at the pin end and went on a match race dual until the upwind mark. He rounded in first, I came in second and Sergio and Mathias followed closely. On the downwind I stayed close to Paulo and jibed earlier just making the downwind marc, with this I caught up a bit and was just a few meters behind. On the second upwind, Paulo tacked and I went a bit further and tacked, we started to go upwind and the winds started to drop, Paulo tacked early to the mark as there seemed to be a lull up ahead and I kept going, when I tacked I went straight to the marc with a lucky gust that came in, I couldn't believe it. I rounded in first and went to the last downwind and mini slalom at the at the end, followed closely by Paulao. I finished first and took the event win, Paulo in second, Sergio in third (who unfortunately had some DNS on other races and had to count them on the end results) and mathias in fourth.

In the end we had a total of 6 races and 1 discard. It was also great so see lots of formula sailors from Chile, Uruguay and from all over Argentina including young generation and women competitors.

The event was superbly organized and next years South Americans is almost sure to be here. The people are super friendly, the lake is a perfect formula venue and we even had time to go and get a close look at the Aconcagua Mountain which is 6962 meters tall. After the Himalayas, it's the tallest mountain in the world, the view is just spectacular.

Special thanks to Andres Sasso and all the friends from Mendoza, who went out of their way to make us fell at home and put on a great event.

All action photos will be up on the by the end of the week, so make sure you check it out.

Full results available at

The top 3 in open formula are:
1. Wilhelm Schurmann BRA999 (Starboard-Neilpryde)
2. Paulo Dos Reis BRA 3333 (Starboard-Servene-BL3)
3. Mathias Pinheiro BRA 5 (F2-North Sails- Banco do Nordeste)

Regards, Wilhelm