Sines-Portugal Windsurfinf Grand Prix 2008

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Final day
Wilhelm report

The last day of the Grand Prix here in Sines was incredible.

We set out in the morning for two formula races, the wind was around 16-20 knots and some sailors went out on 9.8 while others on 11. The fleet was pretty divided with some starting on port and others on starboard. The top 3 had a pretty close fight and Gonzalo ARG3 took the win followed by Hubert POL25 in second, Pawel POL11 in third, Steve AUS0 in fourth and Jesper DEN111in fifth.

On the second race mostly started on starboard. Gonzalo ARG3 was leading going to the last upwind, followed by Steve AUS0, jesper and Wojtek POL 10. However, some guys that where just a few meters behind got a huge lift and got some good advantage. Schurmann BRA999, rounded in first the last upwind and finished in first followed very close by Steve AUS0 in second, Alberto Menegatti ITA456 in third, Pawel POL11 in fourth and Wojtek POL10 in fifth. Gonzalo ARG 3 had a crash on the last downwind but it did not really mater, as he had already secured the title to take the first Grand Prix World tour event, followed by Steve Allen in second and Jesper DEN111 in third.

At 2pm, we started the slalom, the wind started picking up very fast and at first we had around 22 knots, but that soon increased to 30 with gusts going up to 35 knots.

Most sailors had big boards and sails registered for the slalom and some had to do miracles to hang on to them.

On the first final, Wojtek who was going really fast took an easy win. On the second Final, Steve took the win and the Slalom title.

After the slalom, we all started packing up and at 7pm, we had award ceremony.

To summarize, the event here in Sines was incredible, 11 formula races, 5 rounds of slalom, great venue and superb organization, a special thanks to all from the Overpower club that made this happen.

Next month, the second event for the Formula Grand Prix World Tour will be in Sopot, Poland, see you there.

Wilhelm Schurman

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11th May '08