Pranchas  2004 


                                     F 2004    /  MISTRAL

 Fonte :

The brand-new F2004 is based on the very successful Devil models.
This is the board Micah Buzianis will use for next year’s Euro- and World Cups.
Shape detail Changes / improvements
Outline Straight outline at the tail with the widest point further forward
Improved pointing: improved control with large sail sizes


Scoop-Rocker line Flat scoop-rocker line
Improved pointing: Minimum air resistance/maximum stiffness


Rails Thick rail in the front into straight towards the tail – not tucked
Improved pointing: Perfect water-release/ no sucking up water


Bottom shape Double concave Vee with plane side panels into flat
Improved pointing: Maximum acceleration and v-max yet fully controllable


Tail Diamond tail
Improved pointing: Reduces the enormous width making for improved acceleration and v-max


Nose Round
Improved pointing: Works and looks best in combination with the wide-body outline


Volume distribution Even.Volume.Distribution.
Improved pointing: Easier to control


Deck shape Concaves with recessed mast track
Improved pointing: Increased stiffness and improved control


Footstrap position 4 strap positions plus downwind center position
Improved pointing: The optimal position for performance


Mast box position 10’’ box
Improved pointing: Positioned for the widest range of sail sizes and abilities


Fin box position Deep Tuttle Box
Improved pointing: The optimal position for performance


Special I Bevels
Improved pointing: Prevent catching waves and sucking up water


Specials II Cut.Away.Tail
Improved pointing: Reduced surface making for improved acceleration and v-max