Pranchas  2004 


                    Falcon Formula  TT   /     Fanatic




Length (cm)
Volume (ltr)
Width (cm)
Weight (kg)
Technology Fittings


8.1 (Weighttolerances of +/- 6% possible!)
1K Carbon Sandwich
4 Fanatic Footstraps Pro Velcro,
Windrange unlimited; no fin
8.5 -12.5


"The 2003 FW World and European Champion´s Weapon for 2004 -the new Falcon Formula TT"

The most successful shape/design team in Formula Windsurfing is undoubtably Sebastian Wenzel and Steve Allen – 6 years of constant development and team work is unbeatable in the toughest discipline of all, where millimetres can make the difference between first and 21st in a race. Steve Allen has dominated the FW scene the last 2 seasons, winning the 2002 PWA, IFCA and Euro-Cup titles, in 2003 he completed his sweep with the 2003 FW World and European Championships title, 2003 Euro-Cup Vice Champion and winning events in Sylt and Cascais.

Setting out to develop a new Falcon Formulaboard was no easy task for Sebastian and Steve, since the famous Falcon 100 and T² were such a success. How to improve? Sebastian explains:

“The new Falcon Formula TT has lot of new hot features, we experimented with a huge range of bottom as well as deck features, finally settling for the mono into double concave version, for the best allround performance. This shape is a new direction for the Falcon Formulaboards, so we had to build many prototypes and try a lot to finally reach our goal, but we are super stoked with the result – 2004 will be another big season for Steve. Some of the features are:

- The Power Tail – mono-concave tail for maximum accelleration,
  control and upwind power
- Slight tail kick rocker line for control, loose feeling and huge
  wind range
- Thunder Tail – the often copied power release for TT boost,
  upwind angle and control
- Double-concave nose and mid-section for a smooth ride, early
  planing and more control in choppy water
- 255cm length for more control and less weight – optimised outline
- Fuller rails for better upwind and more light wind power
- Hump deck for a comfortable ride and more control
- Concave deck for lower mast-track, gives more control and
  power – easy to close sail gap
- Rail champfers for a clean water release. Prevents all water spray

Once again the lightest and stiffest 1 K carbon construction is used, new is the use of an acrylic deck sandwich, which is lighter and stiffer than the classic pvc deck. A carbon t-stringer guarantees the rocker line consistency, whilst the dynamic nose flex system gives the perfect flex/twist ratio.

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