Pranchas  2004 


                                      Fx  100 II    /  F2



Full 3K Carbon Deck - Wood - Sandwich with Deck profile stringer - Full 1K Carbon Bottom

Shape Details:
The new Fx 100 II is based on the successful FX 100. Results from racing have proved the shape. According to the motto “Never is enough”, we tried to improve the FX:

Bottom Shape

  • Time and again, we tested different bottom shapes with one result: The bottom was perfect already on the FX 100.
  • Flat Scoop-Rocker-Line for less resistance against the upcoming wind an stability over the lateral axis.
  • Parallel double concaves with plane side areas in the middle and front section for a smooth run over the wave and stability over the longitudinal.
  • Flat on the tails for a maximum acceleration and top end speed.
  • A slightly „V“, for loose and controlled manoeuvres


  • A straight outline at the tail to keep straight forward and go upwind on an extreme angle.
  • The widest point more to the front stabilises the board along the longitudinal axis and makes the handling of bigger sails easier.
  • With the straighter outline at the tail, we could make the board shorter without loosing stability


  • Concaves with a recessed mast track to get higher stiffness and better control.


  • Thick rails without tucked in the front area prevent current flow over the board and sticking to the water with the nose
  • Straight rails without tuckeds at the tail prevent to cut in with the rail and lets the rails float up.


  • Extreme bevels at the nose prevent to dive into upcoming waves.
  • bevels up the front foot strap breaks off the water current flow better and prevent to suck in upcoming wave.

Biscuit Cuts

  • Reduced surface at the tail, clear break off current flow and going through waves like a comb without loosing stability creates a better acceleration and an extreme high top speed.

Proved to win

The boards details:

  FX 100 II
Length 255 cm / 8'4''
Width 99,9 cm / 39,4''
Volume 157l
Weight t.b.a.
Sailrange -12,5 m2
Finrange 66 - 70 cm
target group 55 - 90 kg
(light wind)  
target group 60 - kg
(strong wind)  
Equipment Details

• Deep Tuttle Box
• US-mastbox with pressure valve
• Footstrap Strap PRO black
• Anti-Twist strap plugs
• 4 strap positions and down wind middle position
• Light weight footpads