Wilhelm  Schurmann        BRA   999    

Wilhelm Schurmann
BRA 999
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I guess I had a pretty different child hood, sa I was brought up on a sailing boat. I lived on a boat with my parents from when I was 7 to 17, we sailed around the world visiting lots of cool places and meeting very interesting people.

When we where in Martinique (I was 10 at the time) I started windsurfing with my brother david. As we lived on a boat we studied by correspondence school and we would try to study at night to sail during the day. In Tahiti (89) I got my first short board and wanted to race proffesionaly since I was 13. In 94 when we returned from our trip around the world, I started to do events in Brazil and around the Carabian, like Margarita, Aruba and Cabarete.

In 97 I started to compete professionally and have been doing since then. I live now in Ibiraquera in the south of Brazil which is the best wave sailing spot Brazil has to offer, the parties (girls in special) are great and you can do a variety of sports such as kite, formula, biking, wave sailing, surfing.

In my pass time I enjoy doing all kind of things specially close up card magic. If you want to check out our trip around the world our web site is We have some really great windsurfing competitions in Brazil and some of the spots are unbelievable, our coats is huge and in the north you get constant trade winds and warm waters, while in the south the winds are not so constant as they are the results of low pressure, but the waves are better.

My current sponsors are Mitsubishi Motors, Swatch, and with Neil pryde sails, starboar and Oxbow.
The racing in Brasil is getting bigger with formula and last year at the nationals we had more than 60 sailors. Thank you formula.

Um grande abraço,
Wilhelm Schurmann
BRA 999

21st June '02                

                                                         Fonte: Formula Windsurfing Class